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About Wuhan Business University

About WBU: http://www.wbu.edu.cn/5/list.htm
Wuhan Business University is a four-year institution of higher education with a history of more than 50 years. Situated in the beautiful metropolitan Wuhan, the university covers an area of about 169 acres. Presently, it has more than 10,000 full-time students and more than 700 teachers, aiming specifically at cultivating applied talents suited to economic and social development.

The university consists of 11 schools, such as School of Business Administration, School of Commerce, Trade and Logistics, School of Economics and Finance, School of Tourism and Hotel Management, School of Physical Education and Equestrianism International, School of Cuisine and Food Engineering, School of Mechatronics Engineering and Automobile Service, School of Information Engineering, School of Applied Arts, School of Foreign Languages,School of InternationalEducation. It is worth mentioning that the school has received more than 50 honors, like Education Reform Pilot Majors, Excellence Courses, Model Training Bases sponsored by national central government and provincial government.

Wuhan Business University holds an excellent team of staff, including more than 300 professors and associate professors, and more than 60 specialists. Wuhan Business University is also blessed with many research institutes, among them are Commerce Culture Research Institute, Equine Economy Research Institute, coinciding with its progress of more than 300 scientific and research programs. Meanwhile, the university has established extensive cooperation with more than 90 well-known enterprises. Furthermore, teachers and students have volunteered in many international events such as Beijing Olympic Games, Chinese Antarctic Expedition. They were awarded the highest honor for voluntary service in China— Chinese Youth Volunteers’ Outstanding Organization.

Wuhan Business University has built extensive international cooperative partnerships with more than 20 overseas institutions in countries like Britain, America, Germany, and South Korea. It is highlighted that the number of students in international classes has exceeded 200.

Aspiring to the development strategy of invigorating school with high quality, distinctive features and talents, and running school with harmonious concept, Wuhan Business University strives for forging itself to be an application-oriented four-year institution of higher education with outstanding features and tremendous influence.